How to join online casinos

Joining up to an online casino really couldn’t be easier! First of all, pick which online casino you want to sign up to (for all the best deals, be sure to check out our casino reviews first). When you enter an online casino site, you will usually be invited to sign up almost immediately. You will be required to enter a few details about yourself, including your name and address, and you may also need your card details. Once you’ve signed up to the site, simply await your confirmation email, through which you can validate your account. After that’s all done, you will be able to start cashing in on fantastic slots and casino games!

What is a No Deposit Casino?

A no deposit casino offers a small amount of bonus cash for free when you first sign up. This way, you have a chance to try the site out before making a monetary commitment. This deal is often seen on mobile casino sites, who typically offer about £5 in bonus cash – but plenty of sites offer even more.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

When you make your first deposit on a casino site, often you will be offered a welcome bonus. This is an extra bit of bonus cash on top of whatever you’ve deposited, and it is usually a multiplication of your deposit. For example, if you deposit £10 on a site offering a 200% deposit bonus, then they will add £20 in bonus cash on top of your deposit, giving you £30 altogether! Check out our top 10 offers for the best welcome deals.

Still need help?

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