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Welcome to Free Casino Hunter, the fountain of all online casino knowledge. Our aim is to bring you all the information we possibly can about casino sites so that you can enjoy every spin and get the best value and experience in your gaming. Our team of casino gaming experts have been in the industry for years, so know all the ins and outs, things to look out for and are privy to all the goings on which might affect players.

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How do we know what makes a casino site a good one?

As a crack team with extensive casino expertise, we have had the chance to play on plenty of different casino sites. We know that all sites are different, and what makes one great is largely down to the preference of the player. With that in mind, we review the casino sites based on qualities such as bonuses, value for money, on the variety of games available as well as how user-friendly the site is. Other factors which we take into consideration include what kind of technology is used on the site, how long it takes to withdraw, and whether or not you can play on mobile. These are usually the most common factors players consider when signing up to a site, so we give you the important information and leave you to decide if the site is worth it.